New Radical Reviewer video: The Best Anti-Cop Songs (ft Christopher Szabo)

Radical Reviewer and Christopher Szabo naming their favorite Anti Cop Songs.

Christopher Szabo’s Channel –

Songs Named in Video:

La Grande Song by Dirt Faced Daredevils –

Fuck Police Brutality by Anti-Flag –

So You Wanna Be A Cop? Leftover Crack Version –

Cop Killer by Body Count –

Police State by Dead Prez –

Fuck Tha Police by NWA –

Police Truck by Dead Kennedys –

One Bad Cop by Skable –

The Arrest by Conflict –

Police Bastard by Doom –

Beat Cop Blues by Officer Down –

Cop Shot by Dead Prez –

Crack Rock Steady by Choking Victim –

Millions of Dead Cops by MDC –

Folk the Police by Coffee Binge –

Fuck the Police by J Dilla –

Fukk the Cops by DS-13 –

Kill Cops by Dirt Face Daredevils –

Kill the Police by GG Allin and the Murder Junkies –

Let’s Go Kill All the Cops by The Dumpers –

Let’s Kill All the Cops by MDC –

One Dead Cop by Leftover Crack –

Pigs Blood by escape from the Zoo –

Pigs Will Pay by Propagandhi –

Police Beat by SS Decontrol –

Police Brutality by Urban Waste –

Police by Dirt Face Daredevils –

Police Song by Whole Wheat Bread –

Pork and Beef by The Coup –

Rambo Cop by Daycare Swindlers –

Trust No Cops by Ludlow –

No More Cops by MDC –

Dead Cops/America’s So Straight by MDC –


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