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New Radical Reviewer video: Capitalist Realism – Review (ft. Dumpster Flower) (61 min.)

Radical Reviewer and Dumpster Flower review Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. Patreon: Merch: Twitter: @ReviewerRadical Dumpster Flower's Channel:

New Thought Slime video: My First Job: The Lazybones Manifesto

This is just a little story of my first job, and how bad it depressed me. Support me on Patreon:...

New Thought Slime video: Deltarune Subscriber Stream

I don’t know what I’m doing. Brought to you by the find folks at

New Radian2Pi video: The State of Breadtube

Descriptive Description: I give the state of the breadtube Follow me on Tooter: Twitter: Patreon: Feel free to download and/or mirror this vid if you want to.

New Radical Reviewer video: Anti-Military Songs (All Troops Are Bastards)

Hello This is the Radical Reviewer looking at Anti-Military Songs and our need to be able to say "F*ck The Troops" and "All Troops Are Bastards" when it comes to effectively critiquing the Military Industrial Complex. Patreon: Twitter: @ReviewerRadical Merch: Songs Playlist:

New Thought Slime video: Steven Crowder and the Silencing of Dissident Media

This video is about a thousand things, and the odds that you agree with all of them is pretty slim,...

New Thought Slime video: Rimworld Slimecast

I have flagrantly disobeyed the democratic process and will be playing Rimworld instead of Undertale. Brought to you by the...

New Radical Reviewer video: Discussing Online Political Discourse with a Libertarian Free Speech Absolutist

(Please forgive Mic confusion I Don't often stream ugh ugh) Radical Reviewer Discussing Online Political Discourse with a Libertarian Free Speech Absolutist.

New Thought Slime video: Capitalism, my official review

The hype around Capitalism has been insane. But is it really worth your $79.99 (give or take all the value...

New Thought Slime video: Baba is Thought Slime

Thought slime is gonna solve some puzzles in Baba is You, brought to you by the fine folks at

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