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New Thought Slime video: Non-binary buffoon achieves the Perfect Cat Eye — Making It Up As I’m Going Along

I’m doing my best.

New Thought Slime video: Manufactured Milkshake Mass-Hysteria

People have been throwing milkshakes, and I don’t want to alarm you but it may be the most dangerous thing...

New Radical Reviewer video: The Price of Inequality (Liberal Solutions to Inequality) – Review

This is the Radical Reviewer reviewing The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future by Nobel Prize Winning Economist Joseph E Stiglitz. Radical Reviewer Patreon: Radical Reviewer Merch: Radical Reviewer Twitter: @ReviewerRadical

New Thought Slime video: Stonetoss & How Hate Speech Spreads

Today we take a deep dive in the extremely hateful webcomic Stonetoss and it’s progenitor Redpanels. We unpack how hate-speech...

New Thought Slime video: How to Succeed in Capitalism

I have developed a foolproof method to succeed within capitalism, that when properly implemented will grant ANYONE instant success, wealth,...

New Radical Reviewer video: Mouth To Mouth (Toxic Masculinity on the Left) – Review (ft. The Serfs)

The Radical Reviewer and The Serfs reviewing the movie Mouth to Mouth staring Ellen Page and discussing Toxic Masculinity on the Left. The Serfs Channel: Support Radical Reviewer: Watch Full Movie:

New Thought Slime video: White identity

What exactly, if anything, does it mean to be white? Info about Unist’ot’en: Support me on Patreon: Big...

New Radical Reviewer video: Endgame (Anti-Civilization Environmentalism) – Review

This is the Radical Reviewer reviewing Endgame Volume I and II by Derrick Jensen. Radical Reviewer Stuff: Radical Reviewer Patreon: Article Regarding Transphobia: Derrick Jensen Videos: Endgame: The Other Side of Darkness: Occupy Oakland:

New Thought Slime video: Havin’ Fun!

Last week I made a video about Jordan Peterson, this week I’m making a video about the exact opposite. Support...

New Radian2Pi video: Tweet Commodities and upside down vampire castles

Descriptive Description: I am technically in hiatus and broke wing but here I am back to producing vids, this time a reply to Peter Coffin. Follow me on Tooter: Twitter: Patreon: Feel free to download and/or mirror this vid if you want to.

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